Crime : Berlin – Gabriela Daedelow

“Jeremy Xido and Claudia Heu from Cabula6, both from a theatrical background, examined in their project Crime that took place in Berlin, the so-called honor killing of the young German -Turkish womanHatun Sürücü. The documentary film is not interested in the murder case in itself it rather tries to investigate the way the general public has perceived and handled the political issues that emerged from it’s subject which has been discussed on various levels in both the national and international media. With the help of interviews and their own observations, the artists addressed the complex and extremely difficult subject of Germany’s “integration politics”. Rather than giving answers to highly sensitive realities, this work opens up intelligent and necessary new perspectives that document the thin ice on which Berlin’s “multicultural” society moves and rattles once cliché and prejudice after another anchored in our enlightened and liberal opinions”

    from “connecting sites and communities”
    published by ArtinSite, 2006
    volume editor, Luis Firmo

One Response to Crime : Berlin – Gabriela Daedelow

  1. ammani says:

    I’m for universal human rights. . .the same set of rights for all, not one set for elites and another for everyone else or one set for the native borns and another for the immigrants. If that is politically incorrect, then so be it.

    Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
    “Reclaiming Honor in Jordan”

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