Crime : Italia – Angela Fumarola


“The subject that Jeremy Xido and Claudia Heu (CABULA6) chose, Crime, initiated a discussion and debate about the meaning of the expression Crime. What is a Crime? Is it a tragic event? Does an unsolved thriller still cause tension? Or is is a factory that pervades a territory? So we proposed to Xido-Heu to focus on the Solvay factory – a large industry that gave the name to the small town born around it – Rosignano Solvay.

To create this performance we calibrated a way to interact with the territory because Solvay is always a point of conflict and we did not want to give the impression that CABULA6’s work was a sensational report or an environmental denunciation. We wanted to protect the artistic sensibility and the value of the artistic creation. In the same way posing is important for painting or acting is important for dance or theater performance.The response was amazing – people spontaneously chose to take part in the research by participating, offering photos and testimonials.

The result was a heated debate at the Solvay Worker’s Social Club, where politicians, chemists and workers freely expressed their opinions. In this way APAP, due to CABULA6′ project, offered a beautiful agora of democratic exchange – and this in such a small place not generally interested in the Performing Arts, is no small thing.I am interested in talking about Crime because it dealt, in my opinion, with the deepest meaning of APAP – to find the connections between an artistic creation and the socio-cultural framework of where it is presented”

    from “connecting sites and communities”
    published by ArtinSite, 2006
    volume editor, Luis Firmo

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