Crime : Salzburg – Michael Stohlhofer


“The interest in crime, in exceptional situations is universal, and in single cases allows typical insights into the local environment.  The six projects were very precisely and typically selected, were viewed in the local environment, and thus told a lot about the respective cities.  In Salzburg, one cannot avoid depicting the intact front of the tourist and Mozart city as a typical surface.  This reality was accompanied by descriptions of hardly visible problems like homelessness and juvenile delinquency.  The film achieved great authenticity through the interview partners’ very personal narrations and its unpretentious un-commentating artistic form.  It brought concealed people into the light and illuminated the dark sides of the baroque metropolis.  The process of creation as well as the film’s showings brought different people together in conversation: homeless people adolescents, people directly concerned, artists and those interested in art.” 


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