Focuses on the border between reality and fiction and the uneasy dialogue between a person’s private sense of identity and its dynamic reception in a broader social context.  We search out non-traditional performance spaces that make it possible to walk this line between what is “real” and what is constructed and which can bring audience members face to face with their assumptions and expectations about who they are. We are dedicated to principles of delight, humor, investigation and adrenalin. We love to play.

Originally from Detroit, trained as an actor and dancer in New York and plays Capoeira Angola with Mestre João Grande in New York and Mestre Morães in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. He has worked extensively as a performer in the United States and Europe in theatre, dance, film and television. He has written and directed a number of theatre pieces and short films including the Advancing Performing Arts Project “Crime : Europe” series.  In 2000, he founded the company Cabula6 and has been co-director with Claudia Heu since 2003. The company has performed throughout Europe, the US and South America.   

Lives in Vienna, is a director, performer and teacher in the field of dance, experimental theatre and performance. She is the founder of ONNO theatre, and since 2003 together with Jeremy Xido is co-artist director of Cabula6 presenting productions all over Europe. In addition to the work in the theatre, she has spent years of her life involved in community work – from a year and a half working in a Favela on the outskirts of São Paulo, Brazil, to work in refugee camps and prisons in Austria.   


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